How to Find the Right Gym

Are you one of those people who have finally decided to get back in shape for the new year? Now that your procrastination is over and your motivation is back, the next best thing that you need to do is to find out just how you are going to lose weight.

Joining a Gym – An Excellent Initial Step


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When you are on your path to achieve your fitness goals, finding the right gym is the very first step that you need to make. However, this can be a bit difficult especially if you haven’t tried enrolling in the past. In finding your preferred gym, it is important for you to know – from the onset – what you will be doing in there so that you could find the equipment and amenities that best suit you.

There are studios and gyms that allow first-time enrolees to spend a complimentary session or to discover their facility prior to making a final decision. Grab this opportunity to try out their exercise machines and enjoy their service; this is a great way to assess whether you and the gym would be a good fit. And while you’re at it, try to see if the atmosphere is good and if their facilities are clean.

Take the time to talk to their staff also. See if they are courteous. Remember that you will be spending more time with these people later on so you might want to find a gym that has the friendliest staff.

If you will require the services of a gym instructor or trainer, see to it that he or she has ample experience. Apart from being friendly, your instructor should be a trained athletic professional. You will, after all, want to hit your fitness goals so it is imperative that you seek a professional.

Enrolling in a gym does not automatically mean that you are only supposed to exercise on treadmills or stationary bikes. There are gyms that offer outdoor or indoor pools while there are those that provide rock climbing walls. Some even have yoga, dance or Pilates classes.

If the Price Is Right…

Gyms vary when it comes to their membership fees. Depending on the facilities and classes that are being offered there, you will find out that the classier the gym, the higher the price gets. In finding a gym, price is just a single factor that you need to consider but it is a highly important one.

Gyms that offer special classes or facilities such as saunas and child care facilities are bound to charge more. So if you do not need these classes anyway, it’s best to find a regular gym; meaning, as long as there are dumbbells, free weights, benches and racks, then you should be good.

Lastly, choose a gym that you feel most comfortable in. Perhaps you can enroll there because your friends are there. Keep in mind that you need lots of motivation in the future so working out with people that inspire you could really help.

Finding the right gym shouldn’t be hard if you establish what you require from the very beginning. Good luck as you search for that exercise haven!

About the Author: Jane is a motivational writer for The Park Club. Her favorite ways to work out include playing tennis, swimming, and yoga.

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