Health Benefits Of Black Tea

Being the most used tea in the world, black tea is usually made into iced tea. It is more stronger fermented than green tea, white tea and oolong tea, even though all of them come from the same specie of trees. But each of them has various making process.

What makes black tea different is the fermentation process. Fermentation turns the green leaves into black color. This process will stop as soon as the tea’s flavor and aroma is fully composed. Therefore, black tea has stronger flavor, as well as more caffeine, yet it is still much lower than the amount in coffee.

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Protecting your stomach

If you drink green tea when you are hungry or with an empty stomach, you will mostly feel uncomfortable. Green tea contains a large amount of polyphenol, which is very astringent and will stimulate your stomach, especially when it is empty. Black tea works in a completely opposite way. The amount of polyphenol is declined during fermentation. The uncomfortable feeling in stomach will then be decreased. In the meantime, the oxide of polyphenol is good to digestion. Comparing to green tea, black tea is much tender, and can even protect your stomach from stimulation.

Helps to lose weight and fight against aging

Antioxidants and caffeine in black tea is helpful for metabolism, therefore promoting fat burning. When talking about the effect of weight loss, black tea has its unique advantage other than normal diet teas. Black tea is healthier for losing weight, for it contains no chemical substance. Moreover black tea performs well as an anti-aging aid due to the natural antioxidant in it. Presently most anti-aging facial cream contains extract of black tea, which helps to keep your skin looking young.

Protecting your heart

Black tea contains a high amount of flavonoids, just like green tea, which can protect heart, as well as protecting blood vessel, by promoting blood flow. By decreasing the amount of cholesterin and blood sugar, black tea can help to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes as well. Also, black tea can reduce the risk of getting coronary artery disease by 50%. Yet milk will restrain its benefits for blood vessel if you drink black tea mixed with milk.

Another significant factor of black tea’s health benefit is theophylline, which is often used in treating respiratory disease. Because theophylline can expand respiratory tract, making it easier to breathe. Besides, theophylline can promote blood circulation. Keep drinking black everyday for three weeks, it will help to stimulate blood circulation and maintain blood pressure in normal. What’s more, black tea is also helpful for the cure of heart apoplexy stroke, and protecting the immune system, reducing blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterin.

Expect for the medical usage, black tea is also widely used as breakfast drinking, often mixed with milk. Yet research shows that milk will restrain the effects of black teas of antioxidation and its benefits for blood and heart. Consequently, if you want to get benefits from drinking black tea, it’s better not to add milk when drinking. Try the pure flavor of black tea and enjoy the mellow aroma of it. But always remember that no matter how good a drink is, do not over drink. A rational habit of drinking is better for you to enjoy its benefit.

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    I’m big fan of black tea! Thank you for sharing these info !
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  • Reply March 21, 2013

    Liz at Willowbrook

    In the UK we are great lovers of black tea and it’s great to hear about the health benefits of this kind of tea as opposed to herbal teas. It’s the British way, and I’m sure that many of our customers enjoy a nice cuppa from their recliner chairs. However, we always add milk. Perhaps there is some calcium benefit from this?

  • Reply April 1, 2013

    Wayne Brinkman

    I have COPD and was told to drink Black Tea to get the benifits of Theophyline. What brand of Black Tea would provide this?

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